Over the past year, we have overhauled our online presence, including Website, Facebook Page and Group, Email, and Newsletter. In the process we eliminated old email accounts, responded to some very old email, and corralled all social media and online profiles, including some new ones at Twitter and Instagram. 

While under renovations, we used photographs of random construction workers and the Space Needle as place holders. But they have grown on us, so will probably be here for a little longer.


Seattle Gay Couples is a social club for male, gay couples that facilitates social activities for members for validating, promoting, and strengthening healthy relationships and building a network of gay couples across the greater Puget Sound region.

SGC has no political or religious affiliations. It is not a dating service, counseling or crisis center, or sex club.


What our members say

We moved to Seattle from Texas. During our first year here we focused on the amazing trails and scenery of this beautiful state, but we later realized that we had forgotten people! The first Seattle Gay Couples gathering we attended was the Halloween party.  We were nervous at first because we knew no one in the group plus I was dressed as a convict, but we had a great time that evening and found the members of the group very friendly and entertaining. We hope SGC will bring some down-to-earth, kind, and genuine new friends into our lives.

Charles and Sergio


Latest news and events

Valentines Day Party

Historically, one of the highlights of the SGC calendar, this year’s Valentine’s Day Soiree will be hosted by the SGC Board and include dining and fun activities to celebrate our relationships. Come join other member couples at a magical evening at the gleaming new building of our host couple with breathtaking nighttime views of the …