3×4 signup period is now

One of our most popular programs is our biannual 3×5 Dinner Group program. It is a great way for three couples to get to know each other in a small group setting where they can have more in-depth discussions. Member couples sign-up to participate. The program organizer then groups three member couples who are located close to one another. The three couples themselves decide to meet three times over a five-month period. Some participating couples prefer hosting events in their homes. Others enjoy hosting a picnic, restaurant meal, museum visit, a hike, or some other type of gathering. If you are a member, sign up here.

Holiday entertainment: Dina Martina

Crazy, fun, not-obscene genius: Dina Martina

If you have not seen Dina Martina, you are in for a bizarre treat of laughter, and finally under stand why Seattleites crack up when someone says “I brought you ‘gifs'”. The holiday season will be extra special this year, as the beloved comic genius Dina Martina blankets ACTLab in yuletide merriment. Miss Martina (a.k.a. “The Second Lady of Entertainment”) will be joined by noted accompanist and Stranger Genius Award-winner, Chris Jeffries, in bringing her famed holiday train wreck of a show to the ACTLab stage for the first time since Martina began the tradition at Seattle’s Re-bar over twenty years ago. Like all of Martina’s shows, this treasured Seattle holiday tradition promises to be a truly wondrous and surreal blend of questionable song, unnecessary dance, overburdened costumes, and side-splitting video. Walk, don’t run, to buy tickets! https://order.acttheatre.org/11021/11026 

Event: QLAW 2018 FallTacular

QLAW 2018 FallTacular 10/26, Friday

Please join us to support and celebrate the QLaw Foundation’s charitable activities including public interest law grants, the LGBTQ Free Legal Clinic, and public education benefiting our community. Heavy appetizers and open bar! Tickets and RSVP information: qlawfoundation.org/falltacular Wil will donate $10 for every ticket purchased. PROTECT YOUR QUEER RIGHTS! SUPPORT QLAW!

Tickets available here.