2017 Halloween Party

“Sometimes going to your first event is the hardest part. But what you will find is a welcoming group of couples who are eager to get to know you.”

Steven and Ken

UPDATE June 8, 2020:

The “Seattle Gay Couples Fan Club” met via a Zoom online meeting on Sunday, May 31, at 2:00 PM. Attendees were SGC board members Steven Chapman, Dean Miller, Michael Nikolaus, Steven Pendleton, and Jesse Young, and members John Akamatsu, Steve Andaloro, Jon Cannon, Gary D’Amora, Doug Laudenschlager, Nick and Ruben Rivera-Jackman, and Chuck Santon.
SGC is facing significant challenges identifying members who are willing to serve on the Board and help out with group functions and activities.  Further, there are even more challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic.  Given these circumstances, the aim of this extraordinary meeting was to 1) assess the sustainability of SGC in the current
challenging environment and, then, 2) decide about disbanding SGC.
The Board in consultation with the assembled group decided to 1) not disband SGC, 2)
take steps to sustain SGC through these very challenging times, and 3) keep members safe when they participate in SGC events.

  1. The Board formed an Ad Hoc Steering Committee to lead SGC for 18 months until the end of 2021. Committee members include Steven Chapman, Dean Miller, Steven Pendleton, and Ruben Rivera-Jackman.
  2. SGC will host the Annual Picnic on August 23, 2020 as usual as long as King, Pierce, and Snohomish Counties are in Phase 4. If you wish to attend, please RSVP to the event on the SGC Meetup page. Michael Nikolaus will be organizing the event.
  3. SGC will host the Annual Winter Holiday Party in early December as usual as long as King, Pierce, and Snohomish Counties are in Phase 4. Watch the SGC Meetup page for an announcement this coming summer.
  4. SGC will host the Valentine’s Day Party in February 2021 only if King, Pierce, and Snohomish Counties are in Phase 4. Watch the SGC Meetup page for an announcement this coming fall.
    NOTE: While it may appear limiting to follow Washington State’s phased-in approach to reopening business, it does not in any way impede members’ putting together a game of golf or a winery tour. 
  5. SGC will continue the ever-popular 3×4 Social Groups program as usual.  Rich Hughes and John Akamatsu have already contacted members of the current 3×4 groups with suggestions on how to complete their unfinished get-togethers. Signup for the next round of groups will be announced in July. Please send your questions or concerns about social distancing that you would like to see addressed in the signup, e.g., “We want to participate but do not feel comfortable having people in our home.” Or “We want to participate but only after the county is in [insert Phase number].” This is not an idle request!
  6. SGC will encourage members to create social events and small get-togethers as they please.  All events should follow health and social distance per your local jurisdiction recommendations.  We realize that not everyone has access to or wants to use Facebook. So administrative rights will be adjusted so all current Meetup members may now ADD events to Meetup as well as to Facebook. Events can be posted and promoted by the event organizers on either or both the SGC Facebook Group page and SGC Meetup page. (Members of the SGC Facebook Group are already able to promote their own events on the Group page, even if their membership has lapsed.)

Seattle Gay Couples events provide many ways for couples to get to know each other. Potlucks, dinners and brunches, bowling nights, date nights, holiday and Pride celebrations, day and weekend excursions in and around the Pacific Northwest, and more round out our busy CALENDAR of events.

Our leadership plans about 10 or 12 larger, group events every year.  Individual couples are free to organize their own, smaller events around these. Most take place in members’ homes, public establishments and cultural centers, and public recreation areas around the Puget Sound region.

One of our most popular programs is our biannual 3×5 Group program. It is a great way for three couples to get to know each other in a small group setting where they can have more in-depth conversations. Member couples sign-up to participate. The program organizer then groups three member couples who are located close to one another. The three couples meet three times over a five-month period, deciding where, when and what to do. Some participating couples prefer hosting events in their homes. Others enjoy hosting a picnic, restaurant meal, museum visit, a hike, or some other type of gathering. For more information and FAQs, go here.

2020 Events

January, Annual General Membership Meeting

February, Valentine’s Day Sox Soiree Party and Super Bowl Party

May, Officers Election and Board Meeting

August, Annual Picnic in the Park

September, To Be Announced

October, Wine Weekend on Lake Chelan

November, Our Very Own SGC Family Thanksgiving Feast and SGC Christmas in Leavenworth Tour

December, Winter Holiday Party

PLUS two rotations of the 3×4 Dinner Group program.