FAQ ~ 3×4

What is a 3×4?  These are smaller get-togethers of typically 3 couples, wherein each couple hosts a small event of its choosing.

Originally called the “3×3”, 3 couples met over 3 months. Then it changed to  3 couples meeting within 4 months.  In 2018, SGC decided to try a different frequency/interval for the groups based on feedback and difficulty scheduling. We now have 2 rounds of 5 months with a month break between each round (Jan-May; July-November). We just call them 3×4 since it rolls off the tongue so easily, but sometimes call it 3×4 (5).

How does this work? Couples are assigned to a “pod”. Each pod usually contains 3 couples, but occasionally there are 2 or 4 couples in order to accommodate everyone.  During a round each couple hosts (or organizes) an event for the others.

How are these different from regular, official events? It is a great way for couples to get to know each other better through visiting in homes in a smaller group and having more in-depth discussions throughout their time together. 

What are some event ideas? Home-hosted dinner or brunch, dessert or cocktail party, or game night. Some people prefer hosting events outside of their home so an event can also be a sporting event (e.g., college, hockey, Rainiers), picnic, restaurant meal, movie, comedy club, museum visit or some other type of gathering.

What if we want to entertain outside of our home? If you do go outside the home for entertainment, we recommend that you clarify in advance how expenses will be divided. Host couples may choose to cover some or all of the expenses, or other couples may wish to contribute, or you may decide to go Dutch. There is no right or wrong approach: it is an internal matter to be discussed among the members of your group. 

I signed up on MeetUp–why do I need to fill out the form? The form gathers all of the information into document that will be used to put together the pods. We cannot assign you to a group until we have contact details.  We will not chase people that do not complete the form.

I have allergies/aversion to spicy food/gluten/meat food–what do I do? Inform the members of the pod immediately, not as you are walking through the door. (Don’t be that couple.) Be specific and honest. If beef give you uncontrollable gas or mustard makes you literally vomit, host will certainly accommodate more willingly than if you come across as a picky princess. 

I have environmental allergies–what do I do? Again, inform the members of the pod immediately, not as you are walking through the door. (Don’t be that couple.) Be specific and honest. If cat fur or Glade sticks make you swell up or aspirate, let the hosts know.

Do we need to take anything to an event? The event is up to the host, but most couples bring a beverage to share. Feel free to ask about pairing wine with a dish, or bring a favorite wine or cocktail batch or whatever suits you. Hosts should serve a wine brought for pairing. When in doubt, always serve the guest’s wine (unless specifically designated as a host gift). If you are attending as a guest, offer to the host to bring an extra dish to share.

Sounds fun–how do I sign up again? During sign up, go here

OK, I filled out the form–now what? The 3×4 organizer will add the information to the master spreadsheet that lists the pods since 2009. Every attempt will be made to keep you within geographic proximity or interests, and of course, matching people with whom they have not already shared a pod. Once pods are compiled, participants are emailed with joint contact information, and it is up to the couples to get the ball rolling. 

We got our pod assignments–now what? Each pod is responsible for contacting all its members. You have email, phone numbers, and possibly text numbers. Try all of these if you have a non-responsive couple. Some couples are bad with email, but better with text. Others may be on vacation and off the grid. Others may be having some sort of emergency. Be patient and exhaust all options before contacting SGC.

Whine– We don’t like our pod! This couple is too far! They have cats–I hate cats! That couple paints the walls with Glade sticks! That couple isn’t available for two months! We hear you, and feel your pain. But contact the couples, as something usually is worked out within the five month period, even if an extra month is needed.

We just joined, and missed signing up–anyway we can still participate? Post on the FB Group page that you would like to be included. Or for slower results, contact us, and we’ll send out a notice to participants. If time and space allows, pods may be able to have you as a guest.